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In Ontario, children can attend Junior Kindergarten in the publicly funded school system the year they turn 4. Junior Kindergarten registration typically takes place in February prior to the next school year.


There are two different publicly funded school boards in Ontario:

  • Public School Boards

  • Catholic School Boards

A complete list of school boards can be found here. You have the option to send your child to an English school or a French-immersion school, which will offer instruction primarily in French. Check with your local board for options.


The school year typically runs from September to June. Many schools also offer before and after school childcare, as well as childcare on PA days, during holidays, and in the summer months. Check with your local school.


If you prefer private education, there are a number of private schools available. Prices vary by school but you can expect to pay several thousand dollars per school year for each child attending a private school. 


Another option is to homeschool. In this case, it’s the parents’ responsibility to educate their children. You can find more information here.