Tips for Finding Child Care

There are many cautionary tales when it comes to finding a daycare space in the City of Toronto when you need one. Yes, it’s well known that there is a shortage of spaces, especially affordable spaces, in the city, but don’t panic! Here are some tips:


  • Once you know you are expecting a child, make a list of potential childcare options. 

  • Put yourself on waitlists. Get into contact with your preferred childcare providers and ask if they can add you to the waitlist - you can tell them the date you need care, even if the baby (or babies!) isn’t born yet.

    • Note: daycares in Ontario are not allowed to charge you a fee to be on the waitlist, so you can be on as many as you want! 

  • Contact the childcare centres every 6 months to let them know you are still interested and want to remain on the waitlist.

  • Some people swear by “briding” childcare providers - showing up in person, bringing treats. We don’t support this based on the principle, but leave this up to your discretion.

  • Contact the childcare centres 1-2 months before you need care to check your position on the list. If you hit a dead end, start again - expand your list, get in touch with other childcare providers, and tell them you need care as soon as possible. 

  • If traditional large childcare centres can’t accommodate you, try a home daycare or a nanny. There are lots of options available to you!