Toronto Child Care Subsidy

As you browse through the prices for Toronto’s licensed child care providers, don’t panic! If the prices seem much higher than anything you can afford, there’s a resource available for you.


The City of Toronto offers a subsidy to families who need help paying for the cost of care. It is recommended that you apply as soon as possible (the city’s website recommends applying as soon as you know you are expecting a child). You can apply online here. 


It’s important to note that only non-profit child care centres are eligible for subsidized spaces. Make sure you check on our listing to ensure that the centre you’re waitlisted with will accept a subsidy.


When your name is at the top of the waitlist, you will be contacted by a caseworker who will schedule a meeting with you to go over various items to determine your eligibility. If you are approved, the caseworker will tell you how much you will have to cover of the daycare’s fees (ie. the subsidy will cover a portion of the cost, and you will be responsible for the rest). You do not need a confirmed daycare space prior to your meeting, but, once approved, you will need to find a spot at a childcare centre approved for subsidy within a set period of time, or you will be put back on the waitlist.


Before you apply, you can use the city’s Eligibility Calculator to determine whether or not you can receive the subsidy before adding yourself to the waitlist.